At the Law Office of Patrick D. Boyle, we work to achieve the best results for you. We are leaders in our specialties and you get our full attention. We take the time to listen and understand. Each of our clients is unique, with special requirements, challenges and opportunities. We care about your success and find creative alternatives that will save you time, money and hassles. We get results.

We are a solo firm offering services in representation in matters arising as a matter of law. We represent clients in mortgage foreclosure law, bankruptcy, insurance disputes as well as Business and Personal contracts, contract review and contract negotiation and drafting.

With almost 10 years’ experience, we help consumers solve debt crisis, legal matters of law and questions relating to legal aspects of mortgage foreclosure, insurance disputes and financial crisis (bankruptcy).

Other Services

By utilizing the firm’s extensive experience and resources, the Law Office of Patrick D. Boyle will utilize any means necessary to achieve the objective of each matter with which it is presented. The Law Office of Patrick D. Boyle represents clients with respect to the following areas of law.